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How to find your lost pensions

To follow your lost benefits, you should supply us with some fundamental data about yourself and your pensions. You should give the Pension Tracing Service authorisation to impart your details to third parties with the end goal for us to have the capacity to find your missing pensions.

Any documents posted to you

We will require your signed consent agreeing to write the end goal to work out to associations for your benefit Sign and post the documents to us Permanently sign and restore the documents to us. The more data you supply to us now the less demanding it will be for us to find your missing pensions.

We locate your missing pensions Edinburgh

  • With a specific end goal to find your lost benefits, we should work out to different places for your sake, e.g. HMRC, pension providers, past employers and trustees.
  • We will persistently pursue these for your sake until the point when we get a response.
  • A financial advisor will get in touch and explain everything in details for you.
  • As a component of the procedure, we work with qualified pension expert to aid the process. When we have additional data, your allocated expert can begin your pension audit.
  • We will ensure that we find the estimation of your pension, how good it’s performing and what amount you are paying as charges. At that point, we will check the entire market to check whether we can discover you something better.

How do pensions get lost?

It is simple for your pensions to disappear, and following years of working hard, forgetting about your retirement is a bother, and we don’t all have room schedule-wise to monitor our approaches which implies losing your pension is more straightforward than ever

Numerous ways could make you either lose or disregard your pension, for example, moving address.

Three essential steps to locating your pension


We will lead an underlying search to find where your pensions might be, nonetheless, to affirm this we require your written consent because of information protection laws.


We will then write out to different pension suppliers to find your lost pensions.


When we have found your pensions, you will then be allocated a pension expert to report everything that we saw.

Why utilise the Pension Tracing Service?

You have been occupied with buckling down, and you may have lost track. Possibly you moved house, changed occupations, or didn’t see when the letters quit reaching the post.
Finding a forgotten or lost pensions should not be so convoluted.

While there are numerous reasons why your benefits have gone astray, what’s imperative is that it’s recouped.
Reasons why a Pension Specialist Edinburgh is important

Finding your pensions and locating the whereabouts is fantastic, nonetheless, imagine a scenario in which your pension isn’t performing admirably, is liable to high charges or is losing cash each year. What do you do at that point?

We work with the quantity of pensions expert who can give you support and counsel regarding your pension. Have full control of your financial situation and enjoy your retirement.

Our Pension expert Edinburgh can give you a pension report to tell you how your pension is performing and furthermore offer impartial monetary guidance.