Self Administered Pension Schemes

Self adminstered pension schemes have been reviewed closely recently due to high fees, misselling etc. Trusted Pensions can help you review your scheme for performance and fees etc. Contact us today.

Self-administered Pension Schemes

Self-administered Pension Schemes allow you to keep control of your money. It’s also called The Liberator as it liberates you from the usual investment restraints of an insurance company pension. Self-administered Pension Schemes are ideal for those who want to control their investment decisions as well as increase their existing assets.

Benefits of Self-administered Pension Schemes

Self-administered Pension Schemes offer a lot of benefits. One of these is complete control over where your pension money is invested. You can choose to invest in funds, property, bank deposits or shares. The assets in Self-administered Pension Schemes can be used in ways that are not usually available for other kinds of pension such as buying company shares, loaning money to a company or buying a company’s trading premises.

You can also use Self-administered Pension Schemes to borrow money for investment reasons such as increasing your mortgage to purchase the premises of a company. The mortgage repayments may be covered partially or entirely by the rental income.

Another benefit of Self-administered Pension Schemes is that you can decide when to access your pension. The normal retirement age is 60, but you may retire as early as 50 years old. You can also choose how much you want to contribute to your pension. When you have received a bonus or the company earned more profits, you can increase your contributions.

Who is Qualified to Have Self-administered Pension Schemes?

Company Directors and Senior Executives or Managers can have Self-administered Pension Schemes when their employers agree to set it up for them. Your Self-administered Pension Scheme can be used as part of a good business exit plan or as a tax-efficient way to compensate key employees.

Your employer can reduce their corporation tax liability by claiming full corporation tax relief on all company contributions made to your Self-administered Pension Scheme. They can also vary contributions every year to suit their financial circumstances.

Self-administered Pension Schemes can be used to invest in corporate and government bonds, properties, international funds, deposits, personalized equity portfolios as well as private equity. You can transfer your existing pension into your Self-administered Pension Scheme. It’s a simple process, and we can help you do that.

How We Help

We will address your pension needs. We understand how important it is to seek a competent pension service provider who will advise you and explain your options. We can help you transfer your existing pension into a Self-administered Pension Scheme and how you can maximize its benefits. Trusted Pensions will explain the retirement income that you can expect from your pension. You will be in control of your pension. We will provide a transparent and competitive charging structure.

Whether you want to know the cost transparency or flexibility of a Self-administered Pension Scheme, we will work with you to set up this scheme. We can arrange a meeting to discuss the suitability of a Self-administered Pension Scheme for your retirement needs.

We also provide retirement arranging devices to give you a chance to explore various factors of pension investing such as retirement age, venture decisions, and commitment level. We can help you determine how much you can spare for your retirement as well as how you can maximize its benefits.

We have financial consultants who can help you understand the risk profiles that you’re likely to experience. If you don’t know which options are suitable for your needs and budget, you might buy the wrong product. We can help you save pension fees successfully.

To find out how we can help you enjoy financial freedom in retirement, feel free to contact us anytime.