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Recent information from the Financial Ombudsman Service shows that the number of SIPPs complaints is on the rise. The data that was released by the Financial Ombudsman Service shows that it has received approximately 1,575 new SIPP complains which are higher compared to the previous year which had 1,493 cases in total. The total number of SIPP complaints that have been upheld this year has reduced slightly from 56% to 51%.

Most of the SIPPs issues were either about sales and service or the administration. The Financial Ombudsman Service says that the SIPP complains were under the upheld category with its findings favouring the complainant on 44% of the occasion. There are also reports from the Financial Service Compensation Scheme that the amount of the claims that are related to SIPP are on the rise. With the increase in SIPP complains, here are a few ways that can help you handle your SIPP claims.

Contact your Self Invested Personal Pensions Provider

Most individuals get their pension issues resolved in this way. Contacting your SIPP provider will help you get the right information about the problem. After getting the answer to your problem then you will know the next step to take. By communicating with your provider, you will be able to track your records which can act as a starting point for your claim.

Making a Complaint

Before you make a complaint, request your provider to give you more information about their SIPPs complaint process. This process is always different depending on the type SIPP provider. Strictly follow your provider’s procedure and process prior to taking any action. It is advisable that your complaint should be in written form and obtain the response in writing. This will help you in case you are planning to take the complaint further.

Taking Your Complaint Further

If you have followed the right procedure and process of your SIPPs provider, there are various ways of taking things further. Here are the different ways:

The Retirement planning tool

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